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5 Reasons a Routine Keeps You Sane

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Doing what you feel like doing in the moment seems like the best thing to be doing at the time so why in the world would you want a routine?

1. Routines keep you aware of what's next and that gives your life order when it appears to be crazyland.

2. You know that certain things got done even if you don't remember doing them (like brushing your teeth).

3. There is so much change right now. Your routine will be the constant in a world of uncertainty.

4. You will see progress, even if it is small, in the area of your routine and that will give you something positive to talk about.

5. You know you love them. Changing them is what snags us up. Be willing to change your routine to one that serves you and then honor yourself by sticking with it.

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