Affordable, short term, honest coaching for parents of children
doing school at home.

Kids are built to learn. 

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You're homeschooling, road-schooling, or doing school at home? Right on! I'm so glad you found me. I'm a professional educator (MEd) with over 30 years of teaching experience in private, public, and homeschool education.  As a mother of 3 and the wife of a commercial fisherman, I know the challenges of homeschooling multiple children. Not knowing how to teach your kid with a disability or engaging the advanced learner is hard stuff. I understand the overwhelm, self-doubt, and stress. I also know how to help you create a fun, motivating homeschool experience so your child can learn in a way that works for them and for you. Let's talk.


Help for Your Homeschooling Life

We're all designed to learn.

  • Receive guidance with state laws, scheduling, curriculum, subjects, progress reports & grading.

  • Give your child the best education possible!

  • Bring the fun back into homeschooling.

What is coaching?
Create the homeschool experience you want.
  • Engaging with a coach is a sign that you are a serious teacher with a deep desire to give your child the best education possible while enjoying it.

Are you ready for a paradigm shift?
Let the shift happen

You deserve to have support and coaching.

Let's do a free 30-minute coaching call, no strings attached, for you to get to know me and my program. 

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How can it help me?
Be curious!
  • Build on how your children are motivated rather than what motivates them.

  • Bring out the "I can!" in your children!

What We Appreciate Appreciates! Is a 6-month journal for moms that will spark your creative juices and help you increase, enlarge, and expand the amazingness you never knew you had. This fun, thought-provoking journal will move you to a life of abundance and appreciation.

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 What We Appreciate Appreciates for homeschooling moms is a brilliant journal that will take you through one semester of intentionally deciding what is valuable and worth appreciating in your homeschool journey. Unlock your homeschool potential today!

We really can learn anything!

C Jensen


“Hands down the BEST DECISION I ever made was booking with Constance at Doing School at Home! I made the decision to do homeschooling when Covid-19 hit and I didn't want my 6th grader sitting in front of a computer all day. I had no idea what I was doing. On top of that my patience was wearing thin with my son a lot of the time because I was so stressed out not having back up or someone to turn to when I felt confused or lost...Constance changed all that. She reviewed everything we had done so far and gave me great feedback on my strengths and challenges; she also met with my son and again gave me wonderful tools that would work specifically with him, and how better to engage him. A huge help what that she checked that I had done the proper paperwork for homeschool which was stressing me out terribly. I also love that it matters to her that Mom (me :) ) gets some time to herself, as well, while navigating a whole new profession (lol). Her professionalism is yet one more thing to love about her...out of 8 sessions, she has never cancelled, been late or been unprepared. She just screams "I'm here, what do you need? how can I help?". If you are even slightly unsure of yourself homeschooling and need help, advice, a shoulder to lean on...BOOK WITH HER. You will not be sorry!"

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