Affordable, short term, honest coaching for parents of children
doing school at home.

Kids are built to learn. 

Hello there,

You're homeschooling, road-schooling or doing school at home? Right on! I'm so glad you found me. I'm a professional educator with over 30 years of teaching experience in private, public and homeschool education.  As a mother of 3 and the wife of a commercial fisherman, I remember the challenges of homeschooling with multiple children. Handling kids with disabilities or engaging the advanced learner is hard stuff. I understand the overwhelm, self doubt and negative spin you can find yourself in. I also know how to help you create a fun, motivating homeschool experience so your child can learn in a way that works for them. Let's talk.


Help for Your Homeschooling Life

What is a strengths-based approach? 
We're all designed to learn.
  • A strengths-based approach to homeschooling connects with the abilities your child was born with and builds on how they are motivated rather than what motivates them.

  • It directs fun, effort and creates a stick-to-it-tiveness that results in exponential learning growth. 

  •  A strengths-based approach assumes the best in others.

  • It guides your curriculum and subject choices.

  • It brings out the "I can!" in you and your children.

  • It allows you to connect deeply with your child and build their self-confidence and competence.

What is coaching?
Create the homeschool experience you want.
  • Engaging with a coach is a sign that you are a serious teacher with a deep desire to give your child the best education possible and enjoy it.

  • Coaching looks forward.

  • It is an act of kindness to ourselves.

  • It allows us to create the results we want in our lives.

  • It enables us to see ourselves through the lens of compassion and understanding.

  • It gives us courage to be attentive to our minds. 

  • It causes us to notice opportunities.

  • It. Changes. Everything.


Are you ready for a paradigm shift?
Let the shift happen

You deserve to have support and coaching.

My coaching plans are affordable, short term, and empowering.  They are designed to advance you in your power to create a homeschooling experience you are proud of.

I offer a free 30 minute coaching call, no strings attached, for you to get to know me and my program. 

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How can it help me?
Be curious!

Through 1:1 coaching you will:

  • Give your child the best education possible.

  • Learn your child's strengths and how to enjoy them.

  • Receive guidance with scheduling, curriculum, subjects, progress reports & grading.

  • Love and act on your values.

  • Build strong personal bonds.

  • Bring the fun back into homeschooling.

  • Have the 10 steps to exponential learning growth.

  • Love the strengths you navigate life with.

  • Evolve as a curious, compassionate, committed and capable person.

We really can learn anything!

C Jensen

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